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Travel Wellness

A picture of the family ready to go on the trip, standing by their car with luggage.

Planning a trip? Our pharmacists can help

You spend time researching the perfect vacation, from where you’ll stay, to what you’ll eat, to the dazzling sights you’ll see. Our pharmacists are here to make sure your next trip is everything you’ve imagined it to be.

When you book a travel wellness consultation with us, you’ll get individualized advice, vaccines, and more. Ask about travel wellness services at one of our pharmacies or book at one of our dedicated travel health centres. Our pharmacists in our travel wellness clinics hold additional certification in travel health, and many are certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine. 

Travel wellness services

  • An individualized travel health assessment, based on your destination, your travel plans, and your medical history.
  • Travel vaccinations to help you avoid infectious diseases, based on the health risks of your travel location. Some destinations require you to have certain vaccines to be admitted into the country.
  • When appropriate, prescription medications to prevent illnesses, such as traveller’s diarrhea.
  • Recommendations for over-the-counter medications to take with you on your travels.
  • Travel advice on how you can stay healthier on your trip, from which foods and drinks to avoid, to first aid items you may wish to bring.

We recommend you book an appointment for a travel wellness consultation at least six weeks before international travel. This will give your body time to build up immunity in response to vaccines and also allows for enough time for you to receive any vaccine series that require more than one dose.

A picture of a patient getting vaccination.

Travel vaccines and prescriptions

Although we aim to provide full travel wellness services when needed, some of the vaccines or medications listed here may not be required or available in your area, due to differences in provincial rules about pharmacists prescribing them. Ask our pharmacist for more information about these vaccines and medications at the time of booking:

  • Traveller's diarrhea medication
  • Anti-malarial medication
  • Altitude sickness medication
  • Typhoid fever vaccines
  • Japanese encephalitis vaccines
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccines
  • Meningitis vaccines
  • Polio vaccines
  • Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccines
  • Rabies vaccines
  • Oral cholera vaccines
  • Yellow fever vaccines
  • COVID vaccines
  • Flu vaccines

Book a travel wellness consultation