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Diabetes Care

Living with diabetes can feel overwhelming. There is so much to learn, including how nutrition and physical activity affect your blood sugar, how to take your medications, and how to use a glucose monitor.

We’re here to support you. In fact, your pharmacist is a key part of your diabetes care team. Many of our pharmacists have extra training in diabetes care services, including diabetes education and glucose monitoring.

We’re here to answer your questions about your medications, guide you on ways to improve your blood sugar levels that fit with your lifestyle, help you figure out what glucose monitor is best for you, and so much more.

A picture of a doctor describing a medicine to the patient.

Diabetes medication services

More treatment options are available for people with diabetes than ever before. Our pharmacists can explain how your diabetes medication works, how to take it, and how to respond if you experience side effects. If your medication is administered by injection, we will make sure that you receive all the information you need to feel comfortable administering it.

With a full record of your prescriptions, our pharmacist can make sure your diabetes medication doesn’t interfere with any other medication you may be prescribed.

Our pharmacy will work with your other healthcare providers, including your family doctor or other primary prescriber, to make sure your prescriptions are appropriate. Have questions about your diabetes medication? Stop in at one of our pharmacy locations, or book an appointment today.

A picture of a person checking his glucose level with a glucose monitor device.

Glucose-monitoring technologies

There are many ways to monitor your glucose levels, from fingerpoke testing to using a sensor that continuously monitors your blood sugar levels. Your pharmacist can help you figure out which monitoring system is best for you, based on your health status, insurance coverage, and personal preference.

Not sure how glucose monitoring works? Don’t worry. Our diabetes care team can help you get started and troubleshoot any problems you have with your blood glucose meter or continuous glucose monitor.Knowing how to appropriately track your blood sugar readings will help you manage your diabetes and help to prevent diabetes-related complications.

A picture of a pharmacist explaining diabetes care plans to an elderly woman using a tablet

Personalized diabetes care plans as unique as you are

Get one-on-one support from our pharmacists to help you manage your diabetes.

With a personalized care plan, your pharmacist will:

  • Create your individualized diabetes management plan
  • Ensure your medications are working for you
  • Help you understand insulin or other injectable medication types and injection techniques
  • Review glucose monitoring or other technology specific to diabetes management
  • Teach you how your blood pressure affects your diabetes and more
Knowledge is power. Education can help you prevent your diabetes from worsening, and help you avoid serious diabetes-related health problems, such as vision loss, heart disease, and foot complications.

Book an appointment today to develop your personalized care plan