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How To Use 360Health Pharmacy & Wellness

How to access 360Health

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Visit 360Health from your desktop or mobile web browser


Grocery Apps

360Health Pharmacy & Wellness features are available through the Sobeys, Safeway, and FreshCo mobile apps.

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360Health Pharmacy & Wellness App

Download the 360Health mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Create a new account

An image showing the process of creating a new account.

Already have a Sobeys, Safeway, FreshCo, or Voila login? You can use it to access your 360Health account. Don't have an account? Select "Create account" to get started.

Link your profile to a pharmacy

An image showing the process of linking your profile to a pharmacy.

Click on "Pharmacies' to select your pharmacy of choice.

An image showing the process of finding your pharmacy.

Find your pharmacy using our store locator.

An image showing the process of clicking on the "Link to this pharmacy".

Once you have found your preferred location, click on the “Link to this pharmacy” button to proceed. If you already have a pharmacy account, you can link by confirming an existing prescription number. Providing information about your current medical conditions, healthcare, and insurance enables our pharmacists to provide you with more accurate assistance.

Add a prescription and complete your order

An image showing the process of clicking on the “Submit new Rx”.

Add a new prescription (where regulations permit*) by clicking on the "Submit new Rx" button
*Due to provincial regulations, new prescriptions cannot be submitted online in AB, SK, MB and NL.

An image showing the process of upload and submit your prescription.

Upload and submit your prescription.

Print pharmacy records and tax receipts

An image showing the process to generate pharmacy records and receipts by navigating to 'Documents' in the main menu.

To generate your pharmacy records and receipts, navigate to “Documents” under the main menu.

An image showing click on the Generate document.

Generate your tax receipts, medical expenses, or medical history report.