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Pharmacists With Extra Certifications

Many of our pharmacists have additional training and certifications. This means they offer patient care in a specific health area.

You can get personalized advice and support from our healthcare professionals who have successfully completed the following certified training programs:

A picture of a doctor holding a glucose monitor in his hand.

Diabetes management

Our Certified Diabetes Educators help you manage your diabetes. They can answer your questions about diabetes medication, including insulin or other medications given by injection, blood glucose testing, continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and more.

They also provide personalized advice to help you get your blood sugar levels under control.

A picture of a doctor checking his patient's pulse.

Anticoagulation management

People who take certain anticoagulation medications (often called “blood thinners”) need close monitoring to ensure they’re getting the right dosage. Our pharmacists who are certified in anticoagulation management can work with your primary healthcare professional to monitor the effects of your medication and ensure your dose is appropriate.

A picture of a doctor describing a kid and a lady about a medicine he holds in his hand.

Asthma education

Our Certified Asthma Educators can teach you how to properly use your inhaler, avoid asthma triggers, and prevent severe asthma attacks. They can help you recognize when you should seek a doctor’s care or go to the emergency department for worsening asthma. Our pharmacists certified in asthma management can also connect you to resources in your community.

A picture of a teacher illustrating the respiratory system on a dummy to the students.

Respiratory education

Our Certified Respiratory Educators specialize in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. They can help you adhere to your inhaler medication requirements, understand how your medications work, and recommend lifestyle changes to improve your health.

A picture of a person holding broken cigarettes in his palm.

Quit Smoking & Vaping

Quitting smoking or vaping is a positive change you can make for your health and having the support of a pharmacist improves your chance of success. Your pharmacist will offer smoking-cessation strategies, including nicotine replacement medication therapy, based on your goals and history. They can also offer follow-up counselling to help you stay motivated and quit smoking or vaping for good.

An image shows a man and a woman holding and watching a map.

Travel health

Many of our travel health centre pharmacists hold additional certification in travel health, and many are certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine. They can provide advice specific to your destination to keep you healthier when you travel. Our travel health pharmacists also provide prescription and non-prescription medications, travel vaccines, and more.

Our pharmacists with additional training and certifications are available for one-on-one appointments. Use the drop-down menu to find a pharmacist with extra certification at a pharmacy near you.